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Original founded in 1995, VELA Battery Technology(VBT) is an integrated stored electrical energy solutions supplier, dedicating to providing lead-acid batteries for automotive applications, Motorcycle applications and Deep Cycle Power products worldwide.


With the clear goal of become a global power supplier, VBT commit itself to satisfying demands of clients involved in electronics and corresponding industries by operating with 3 major battery manufacturing plants throughout China today. Compliance with the highest manufacture standard and ongoing technology innovation, VBT is operating and certificated with ISO9001:2008, CE, ISO14001:2004 and the International Quality Control System Attestation to offer our clients the most trustable and reliable products.

Through decades years of structural financial investments in technology, improvement of production process and customer orient service, VBT gained its worldwide reputation as a reliable partner in the battery industry. If you need a battery then choose well, choose VBT.



    (A) Car battery- SMF & LMS-12V, 32~105 Ampere-hour 

    (B) Truck battery- SMF & LMS Heavy duty-12V, 100 ~220 Ampere-hour

    (C) Motorcycle battery - Pro-TECH series - Factory Sealed, MF Motorcycle Batteries

                                            - Fun-TECH series- Self Sealing, MF Motorcycle Batteries

                                            - High Performance- Dry Cell, low maintenance Motorcycle Batteries

                                            - Conventional - Standard, Dry Cell Motorcycle Batteries

    (D) Golf battery - Deep-Cycle Flooded- 6,8,12 volts

    (E) Lawn & Tractor Battery




Quality is the key to VBT success. Not only our products must meet the toughest quality standards, but also our employees.

VBT has always strived to deliver the highest quality products to its worldwide customers. Stringent process controls govern all manufacturing activities. Quality engineers are highly involved in evaluating the quality and reliability of all products manufactured both in the design and production stages. Our quality controls are emphasized throughout our manufacturing process to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our emphasis are:

● All of our engineers and technicians undergo training course regularly, in order to make the production more efficient and effective.
● All products from raw material to finished product are subjected to over 120 quality tests.
● All processes are complying with stipulations of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System rigorously, implement 6Q management completely.
● Guarantee all of the VBT batteries with 100% pass quality tests before output.