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Welcome to VBT BATTERY KNOW-HOW center

VBT offers a vast range of technical support provided by full-time applications engineers, here with the following pages contain a large amount of knowledge on the world of batteries: extensive advice on how to handle batteries, explanations of technical terms, and some notes on specialized literature will answer all your questions.
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Battery Basics
From these pages, you will learn important information on individual types of batteries, markings, article numbers and choosing the correct battery for your needs.
Battery types
Know how the lead-acid batteries are different and how are they applied, from the general type and VBT type, you may know which battery is suitable for you and what’s their features... >>More
Battery structure
Know what components go to make up a battery and learn more about the construction of a battery... >>More
Specialist term explain
This section gives you a short introduction on regularly used specialist terms... >>More