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VBT Battery, Power Driving Life Ease and Comfort!

In spite you're driving a Car, Heavy-duty Truck, Motorcycle, or working with a Golf Scooter and Forklift , or need a industry power solutions, VBT makes a battery that's environmentally friendly and long-lasting. We don't pursue the price the most expensive, we don't provide extra quality customer dosen't need, we offer the most suitable products to match customer's demand perfectly. That's all the mean of our business philosophy: The Most Suitable, the Best!

Designed to deliver supper power, good performance and high reliability, VBT car batteries are the perfect solution for automotive and light van starting, lighting and fuel ignition. Backed up decades years of customer service experience and featured with the latest battery technology, VBT SMF and DCS series car batteries always offer the right power at the right place.
For long lifespan and maintenance convenience, real driving guys look no further than the VBT truck batteries series. With the optimized case design and high cyclic stability, the VBT truck batteries are tough enough to handle your demanding performance needs, no matter for construction, agricultural, municipal, light delivery and heavy goods vehicles.
Covering a wide range of products,Wet charged MF Batteries, Dry charged MF batteries and conventional motorcycle batteries offer its market a broad selection. Through years of technology innovation and ongoing pursuit of higher quality, the VBT motorcycle battery offers everything that is required for pure riding pleasure.
When more and more people operating with lawn mover to spend their garden time, VBT closely follow this trend and VBT new range of lawn mower batteries have seen the light of the day after going through rigorous R&D and multiple successful test runs. These batteries are custom made to be used in tractor, lawn mover and other electric vehicles.
Long-lasting, reliable and clean, users all over the world know VBT golf batteries deliver superior power all the time. Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries are VBT's flagship line and can meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world. If you want choose a battery choose well, here is one.