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The battery is the heart of every car electrical system, whatever for starting, lighting or fuel ignition, while power, performance and stability are the critical factors when decide to choose a car battery. From this point of view, VBT battery is one of the best choices. Compliance with the highest manufacture standard and ongoing technology innovation, the VBT powerful punch battery of SMF series and DCS series can meet even the most demanding customers

Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF)


Dry Charged Spectrum (DCS)



Which kind of VBT car battery suit for you?
The answer depends on what you need the battery to do. For a modern, high-tech car that has lots of electrical consumers fitted, has a higher electrical consumption. An older, smaller car has less power requirement. Our products designed for most the car need, and whether it is the VBT SMF or one of the batteries from our DCS range, you will find VBT delivers tailor made power for every car. When you choose VBT, you are guaranteed starting, reliable power to all your electrical consumers, a long life and the peace of mind that your battery will not let you down.