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Whether you ride daily, seasonally, or just on weekends, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your motorcycle, ATV, PWC or snowmobile with a VBT motorcycle battery. Back up with advanced designs and manufacturing techniques, VBT always provides the right power at the right place.
Wet charged MF Battery-Factory Sealed, Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries

This compact, rugged, lightweight VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery is the ultimate in powersports battery technology and the preferred choice for today’s high performance machines.
The YTZ range is more volume efficient delivering greater starting power from a more compact unit.

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Dry charged MF Battery -Self Sealing, Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries
The VBT Dry charged MF Battery  battery range is perfect for people with better things to do than battery maintenance.
Once activated these batteries do not require refilling and remain maintenance free for the life of the battery.
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VBT High Performance-Dry Cell Low Maintenance Motorcycle Batteries

Designed to meet the demands of today’s complex accessory laden and modified bikes, the High Performance range provides increased power, reduced maintenance and longer life.
This range also includes Yumicron CX the worlds’ first lead-calcium motorcycle battery for higher starting power.

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VBT Conventional - Standard, Dry Cell Motorcycle Batteries

A rugged, reliable and dependable battery, engineered to protect against leakage, withstand vibration and deliver high cranking power.



 GEL -Factory Gel Sealed,Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries

Better start function, beautiful appearance, easy to accept by the market.


Wet charged MF Battery